Veronica Became Temptress

title Flower Class Obelisk on current website

The form of this monument is familiar as a memorial to the dead. Here, the inscription on its plinth reads

Veronica became Temptress
Hibiscus became Spry
Arabis became Saucy
Periwinkle became Restless
Calendula became Ready
Begonia became Impulse
Larkspur became Fury
Heartsease became Courage
Candytuft became Tenacity

Some Flower Class corvettes were given by the British to the American Navy on their entry into the Second World War. The Americans re-named the ships according to their temperament and traditions. This work commemorates the ‘death’ of the old names and invites reflection on the difference between the old and new.

The ‘Flowers’ Obelisk, Hepton Wood stone, on spheres atop plinth, John Andrew, 2000