News & Projects

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s work continues to be exhibited nationally and internationally and has been the focus of numerous events, conferences and symposia. These pages highlight new projects at Little Sparta and around the world.

The podcast series ‘Ian Hamilton Finlay Conversations’ was initiated as part of Sharing Little Sparta. Hosted by Andrew Patrizio, the podcasts featured here are part of a growing series focussing exclusively on the art of Ian Hamilton Finlay and the garden at Little Sparta. They form part of the online archive developed by the Little Sparta Trust and we are grateful to all those involved to date.

  • SPAB-Scholars_2021

    Goose Hut 2021

    Repairs to Goose Hut, 2021. Based on Laugier’s notion of the Primitive Hut described in his Essay on Architecture of 1755, the goose hut looks back to the origins of

  • Doors Open Day 2021

    For Doors Open Days 2021, Little Sparta’s head gardener George Gilliland explores the idea that Little Sparta is a garden of the sea.   This short film ‘Four Seasons in

  • Audio Tour

    Join head gardener George Gilliland on our free audio tour of Little Sparta. You can listen at home or you can download and listen when you visit us.   From

  • Ian Appleton, founding trustee of Little Sparta.

      The Little Sparta Trust is sad to hear of the death on 24th April of Ian Appleton, a formative influence on the history and development of Little Sparta, and

  • magnus_linklater

    An appeal to our supporters April 2020

    by Magnus Linklater. Many of you have visited Little Sparta and may have donated funds in the past, so I hope you will not mind if I approach you for additional

  • photo_by_Robin_Gillanders

    Circumnavigation: IHF, Little Sparta & Rousay

    by Malcolm Fraser. I worked at Little Sparta in the 1980s, with Andy the stonemason, and we sometimes stayed over, sleeping in the Garden Temple, with evenings talking by the

  • Best of enemies: how two of Scotland’s literary giants fell out

    by Magnus Linklater. They lived within a few miles of each other, near the Lanarkshire town of Biggar, and in their day were considered towering figures on the Scottish literary

  • Obituary: Ian Gardner, 1944-2019

    by Dr Patrick Eyres. Ian Gardner was born in Lancaster on 7th November 1944 and died there on 10th June 2019, of a heart attack, at the age of 74.

  • Keith Bailey, 1929-2017: An Appreciation by Patrick Eyres

    An essay by Dr Patrick Eyres. This drawing, by Chris Broughton (fig. 1), salutes the way that the craftsmanship of Keith Bailey articulates the poetry of Ian Hamilton Finlay. It

  • Little Sparta Residency Announcement 2018

    We are pleased to announce details of the 2018 Little Sparta Residency Programme funded by The Bridge Awards. The Glasgow-based artist and writer John Farrell uses photography, text, video, found/archival