News & Projects

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s work continues to be exhibited nationally and internationally and has been the focus of numerous events, conferences and symposia. These pages highlight new projects at Little Sparta and around the world.

The podcast series ‘Ian Hamilton Finlay Conversations’ was initiated as part of Sharing Little Sparta. Hosted by Andrew Patrizio, the podcasts featured here are part of a growing series focussing exclusively on the art of Ian Hamilton Finlay and the garden at Little Sparta. They form part of the online archive developed by the Little Sparta Trust and we are grateful to all those involved to date.

  • Wood Carving Course Report

    Teaching an intensive, letter carving in wood course at Little Sparta on a late October weekend was a rather special and enjoyable experience. The first day was sunny and bright,

  • Moths at Little Sparta

    Moths at Little Sparta From any hill top in South Lanarkshire, such as Tinto the distant vista of rolling hills and valleys is a charming sight especially on a day

  • Exhibition by Francis Hamel

    Exhibition of Paintings by Francis Hamel A forthcoming exhibition in London is featuring paintings of the garden at Little Sparta. The artist Francis Hamel spent a few days at Little Sparta

  • Letter Carving

    Letter Carving in Wood at Little Sparta The course will take place in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s library at Little Sparta, the internationally acclaimed garden, Hamilton Finlay’s home, and his greatest

  • Jessie Sheeler: long-standing and faithful collaborator

      The Little Sparta Trustees are sad to note the death in late 2022 of Jessie Sheeler, whose contribution to the garden and its artworks was of inestimable value down

  • BioBlitz Report

    From a single tree to a BioBlitz On the 17 and 18 June 2022 naturalists and the public came together at Little Sparta, a garden in the Pentland Hills 25

  • Ralph Irving (1947-2022): friend and garden maker at Little Sparta

      It is so sad that Ralph Irving passed away in March this year after a long illness. He was too young to go and will be much missed by

  • BioBlitz

    BioBlitz: Discovering the wild side of Little Sparta  Book Now What’s out there? Have you wondered what other lifeforms we share a place with? This simple question is surprisingly difficult

  • SPAB-Scholars_2021

    Goose Hut 2021

    Repairs to Goose Hut, 2021. Based on Laugier’s notion of the Primitive Hut described in his Essay on Architecture of 1755, the goose hut looks back to the origins of

  • Doors Open Day 2021

    For Doors Open Days 2021, Little Sparta’s head gardener George Gilliland explores the idea that Little Sparta is a garden of the sea.   This short film ‘Four Seasons in