Three Epicurean Plaques

The punning use of the word allotment in this vegetable garden draws attention to Epicurus, the Greek philosopher who came to Athens in 306 BC and bought a house with a garden in which he taught his followers. He advocated a life led in retirement from political or commercial activity, content with one’s lot whatever it may be. The first plaque shows a definition by IHF, the second quotes a saying of Epicurus, attributing it to him in a suitably unpretentious way, and the third quotes from one of his letters of advice.

Three plaques on the wall behind the vegetable garden, Riven green slate, John R. Nash

Allotment n. a garden of Epicurius, 1996

Blest Youth Set Sail In Your Bark, 1993

LIVE UNKNOWN, Exxxxxxs, 1994