Gardener's Diary Post

March 2018

Snow storms again cover the garden.

Snow storms again cover the garden, close it in- there seems to be no respite – and no definite signs of the slow coming of spring.

Amidst all the shifting drifting frosty forms, the sunken garden sits muffled in a heavy white blanket after all else has thawed and gone.

Work continues around and through these conditions as and when there is a scattering of better days. The jet washing of the brick and stone pathways is completed. The greenhouses have also been cleared out and washed down.

The work has finally finished by the top pond aqueduct – the entire bank is now reinforced by thick clay, making an impenetrable barrier to the water coming into the pond and directing its flow down and over the aqueduct. So far so good, the water is running clearly, though the area around it will need to be tidied up when the earth dries and warms up a bit.

Almost inevitably though, a problem reappears further down the water system – in the lower pond in the Parkland – but this should not require as much intervention. Some of the clay was saved and will be used to patch up around the wooden aqueduct structure here. Because of the volume of water coursing through the garden at the moment with snow melt running off the fields, water seems to be making new tracks for itself just to escape. Once all has settled down again any other work required to tidy up this area can be addressed.

The ground everywhere is saturated – there will be further repairs required to grass pathways where water has sat or sluiced over. Planned for work on these areas is also curtailed by the weather conditions, though as much possible is still being done. A good quantity of topsoil has been spread on some of the bare or worn areas of the paths, but reseeding will just have to wait. Hopefully there will be enough time for the grass to get going before we open for the season.

Other indoor preparations keep going – the inscribed wooden benches have been cleaned and oiled, the stone baskets painted, and the Claudi bridge and Cube form have each been given a new coat of colour.

Having reached the spring equinox with no further promise of good weather thoughts turn to what might be – and seeds have been sown in the greenhouses – veg and flowers to give some sort of kickstart to the growing season when it eventually happens.

The Kailyard and Allotment have been given a quick tidy and readied – some potatoes have been planted, but not much else can be done in these areas for now.

Trees have been delivered and await planting to fill in those gaps left by winter clearances.

Perhaps this time next month we will begin seeing the long held promise of new growth. Surely spring is now just around the corner….