Gardener's Diary Post

March 2017

Preparing for Summer.

‘Preparations for the new season continue with the painting of the Claudi Bridge (terre d’egypte), the Cube Form (porphyry pink), and the stone fruit baskets Silence After Chatter (county cream). All wooden benches, the aircraft carrier model and plant boxes have been re-treated with oil for preservation and to enhance their colour.

At the same time the Claudi pool has been weeded out and further down the waterways pond weed pulled out and the edges tidied back.

The aqueduct from the centre pond has been repaired for leaks and is running well again. There is plenty of water but still lots of silt at the source clogs up the system – it is easily and regularly got running again.

Stone slabs forming a bridge passage have been stabilised over the lower pond aqueduct and the ground either side banked up for future ease of access with the mobility scooter – the site for the new shed / garage for this has been made ready at the entrance.

Snowdrops are just about over and now we have the first daffodil blooms.

Erratic weather systems blow through – gales, sleet and snow storms – then in glaringly bright days everything warms up ready to get going, only to be followed by the return of grey wintry skies.

The broken wooden gate at the bottom of the track – the car park entrance – is repaired, and a small repair also made to the main entrance gate – The Fluted Land – which seems to be very slowly and gradually sinking – it will one day need to be repositioned.

The new stile (An Escalation of the Footpath) has been completed – and awaits only the carving of its inscription to be finished.

Other pieces – a repair to the base of the Liberty column in the Temple garden – a small section of stone flaked off but was found and just about seamlessly reattached. The repaired stone pavers – schooner, yawl, corvette, caravel – have been put back in position.

Now also a full round of grass cutting and scraping off leaves, twigs and mossy residue in all the lawned areas. The path edges have been strimmed back – reseeding will be required again in some bare patches and hopefully germinate quickly.

Seeds have been ordered and planning done ready for the Kailyard and allotment.

Wee new born lambs abound in the fields around the garden. A joy to see and hear.

After the equinox and the clocks going forward – the fullness of spring is tantalisingly close. For a few days at least of glorious sunshine – in every stem and branch – the promise of burgeoning blossom and leafiness.’

George Gilliland, March 2017