Little Sparta Pantheon

Six stone column bases with trees growing from them stand among other unadorned trees. The bases are simple and classical, in tune with the ideals of the French Revolution, with which four of them are directly linked by the carving of their names on the bases. The effect is that of a monument to those men and their ideas or sentiments, as the living tree takes the place of a stone column. The names are Rousseau, Corot, Michelet and Robespierre.

Saint Just is given a similar monument in the Front Garden. The other two tree columns in the Wild Garden are dedicated to Nicholas of Cusa, the 15th century Platonist and Caspar David Friedrich, the German Romantic painter also honoured in the Woodland Garden.

Six tree-column bases, set before living trees below the top pond on either side of the aqueduct.


Kenton Stone, Keith Bailey, 1980


Portland stone with slate tablet inset, Nicholas Sloan, c. 1980


Red Mansfield stone, Keith Bailey, 1980


Portland stone, Nicholas Sloan, 1980


Squared York stone and rusticated Ketton stone, Keith Bailey, 1981


Stone, Nicholas Sloan, 1980