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Ian Hamilton Finlay on the internet

It is always interesting to see what comes up when you type ‘Little Sparta’ or ‘Ian Hamilton Finlay’ into a web browser. Here are links to a few things we have come across, usually while looking for something else.


Marc Cousins visiting Ian Hamilton Finlay at Little Sparta in 1993


A half-hour radio programme including contributions from IHF, Patrick Eyres, Graeme Murray, Alec Finlay, Elsie Mitchell.


Lewis Biggs OBE speaking about his tribute to Ian Hamilton Finlay in the Folkestone Triennial 2017.

“Weather is a third to place and time.”

With the collaboration of the artists’ estate, a ‘detached sentence’ by this artist-poet who loved the sea was written on the Harbour Arm Lighthouse. It has been taken from Ian Hamilton Finlay’s published writings, and this is the first time it has been realised as an artwork.

‘Weather is a Third to Place and Time’ is a practical reminder of how important the weather is to all who work at sea. It also suggests how the weather – onto which we tend to project our moods – colours in and gives meaning to the two dimensions of our normal self-awareness: place and time.



Anthony d’Offay speaking about Ian Hamilton Finlay’s contribution to ARTIST ROOMS

Sailing dinghy 1996



Anthony d’Offay (ex-officio Curator, ARTIST ROOMS) talks to Matthew Gale (Head of Displays, Tate Modern) about the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay, whose work featured in ARTIST ROOMS at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in 2010.