Fabre D’Eglantine

This stone planter celebrates the French dramatist and revolutionary Philippe Fabre, who added Eglantine to his name after spuriously claiming to have won an Eglantine rose in a literary competition. He was given the task of renaming the months and days of the republican calendar, removing all religious and historical associations. The months were named to reflect natural events, such as Germinal, seed time, in March-April and Thermidor in July-August. The days were named for implements and products of the countryside, and festivals were instituted honouring such concepts as Virtue and Labour. The rose in the planter is an eglantine.

Lining a path in the Wild Garden there are stone baskets of fruit, vegetables and fish which symbolise days in the month of Fructidor.

Tree-column base with carved lettering, Portland stone, Keith Bailey, 1980