The garden contains over 270 artworks set into what Ian Hamilton Finlay described as ‘specific landscapes’, areas of individual character and mood. These areas are:

The Temple Pool Garden. In some ways this is the centre of the garden.  It is sheltered on three sides by the Hortus Conclusus (Ian Hamilton Finlay’s last design for the garden) and the two temples created from the old farm outbuildings, and on the fourth side by the artist’s house. The stillness of the pool is only slightly stirred by the small fountain that feeds it. Its surface is a mirror for the foliage and the art works surrounding it.

The Woodland Garden adjoins the Temple Pool, paths leading and turning to the rest of the garden.

The Wild Garden climbs to the rear of the house, bordering on the hills beyond.

The English Parkland is a broad, open area, the most recently developed section of the garden.

The Monument to the First Battle of Little Sparta. The first work the visitor encounters, dedicated to the struggles in founding the garden.