An appeal to our supporters April 2020

by Magnus Linklater.

Many of you have visited Little Sparta and may have donated funds in the past, so I hope you will not mind if I approach you for additional help during the very difficult period we face this coming summer.

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, it is increasingly likely that the garden will have to remain closed during the summer months, and as a result we will lose all the income we might have expected from tickets sales, group visits, sale  of books, etc. Meanwhile the cost of maintaining the garden remains the same. Last year it amounted to £55,000, which covers wages, garden maintenance, printing, insurance, heating, lighting and so on.

We are therefore launching an appeal for this amount to help us through the next six months. We feel passionately that the garden must be saved, and maintained  to the high standard that its creator Ian Hamilton Finlay set for  us.

If you could help by contributing to this appeal, it would be enormously appreciated. You can donate via CAF Donate.

We have already received generous donations from The Ronnie Duncan Arts Foundation and The Portrack Charitable Trust for which we are immensely grateful.


Magnus Linklater